Tara Tainton – A Big Surprise for My Good Boy

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Description: “I am so very proud of u… you’ve made such excellent grades at school & worked so very hard. I want to reward u by relieving all that stress and taking all your worries away as only mommy can. You deserve it! I have a little surprise in mind 4 u… I just want u to close your eyes and open them ONLY when I say 2. Okay? Are they closed? Ready? Open! Ooooh, look at mommy’s bare feet & wiggling toes in your face! Yes, they are exposed just for u: my very good boy. Now, I want you to play with yourself with your pants on, and then I will tell you when to slowly remove them so you can make mommy REALLY proud & stroke it for mommy. You are going to have every chance to show me just how much u love mommy while I talk about & show off my sexy soles, toes, arches, and heels right in your face…. I know my boy loves to see nothing but my bare feet and his mommy’s beautiful face smiling her approval…” This videos main focus is Tara’s feet as she encourages u to jerk off as a reward 4 being a good boy
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Models: Tara Tainton
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