Tara Tainton - Under the Mistletoe with Mommy

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Description: Another holiday party has gone by… another Christmas without your daddy here. I bought this new Christmas lingerie just 4 him, to surprise him with. But, he is missed out yet again.Read less Do u think Mommy looks beautiful in her Christmas lingerie? Thank you, sweetie… Well, did you notice? We are standing underneath the mistletoe together… Do u know what that means? That’s right. You have 2 kiss whoever you’re near when you’re under the mistletoe. It is a Christmas rule! Mmm…. you are a very nice kisser. I didn’t mean for the sweet, Christmas kiss 2 be that long! Do you want another one? It is very nice, isn’t it. Tell me: what’s your Christmas wish this year? To kiss your mommy like daddy gets to? Well, gee, I…. well all mommies love 2 give their boys their Christmas wishes! Would u like a better one? Come here…. Oh, look what’s underneath the mistletoe now, standing up so straight… u know the rules! Mommy has 2 kiss it now… it is Christmas!
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