Tara Tainton - I’m the One for You

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Description: What?!?! You… some girl gave u a love letter at school today?! That’s… no… u can’t… no, no, no. You are too young. Stay away from girls. Oh, honey, Mommy will explain. It’s just that… well, you never know what a girl is up to, what’s on their minds. And… oh, gee… oh, my poor boy! You have an erection! Do you know what that means? Well, honey, that’s what happens to a man’s body when he is with the woman he is meant 2 be with and… since it’s pointing to Mommy… well, it is meant to be. I am the one for you. And I’ll show u just what that means…
Categories: Femdom POV
Models: Tara Tainton