Goddess Canna - Goddess Canna’s Gay Test

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Description: Have you ever wondered if maybe you were gay? I mean you do watch a lot of porn with big cocks, would you ever suck one in real life? If you are even thinking about that I bet you are gay! You don’t even think about pussy anymore do you? You’d rather jerk off to porn than go out and get laid. No, you still doubt me? I’ll prove that you are a faggot if you take my gay test. After answering a series of my questions I pull out a huge black cock. The final test is to see if you get an erection just by me teasing you with this. I’m not going to get naked, you will only be getting hard for this cock. Obviously you FAIL. You are a homo and the worst kind, in denial. I want you to stroke for this BBC, I want you to cum for the first time now knowing that you are gay. My test helped you realize your true sexual orientation, you can thank me later. The next step is to go out and taste your own big black cock…
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