Goddess Canna - Outgrew my shorts

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Description: When I gain weight it goes right to my tits and ass, I'm sure you've noticed my curves filling out. My breasts have grown at least one size, my pants are tighter with my wider hips and larger ass. I've gained about 15 pounds in the last few months but that's a lot on a petite frame and it shows. Luckily for me the more weight I gain, the more irresistible my curves become. I try on three pairs of jean shorts that I haven't worn since my weight gain. I doubt these will fit, there's no way they'll button! Some of these are so much smaller than I remember and it's a struggle to even pull them on. While trying to squeeze into the smallest pair I realize just how big my ass and thighs have gotten when I surprise myself by popping stitches and the zipper.
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