Meana Wolf - Go Deeper

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Description: I want you to take a deep breath and relax. Clear your mind. I want you to think of anything that might be trying to take your attention away from this experience now and just let it go. Relax and Melt into the sound of my voice. Allow it to fill al the spaces in your subconscious mind as I gently caress you with every single word. As I take you deeper and deeper into this erotic trance it feels better and better and you want nothing more than to be obedient and listen to my commands. It feels so good to just be mindless as you gently begin to stroke yourself. It feels so good to touch yourself and listen to the sound of my voice that you fall deeper and deeper into trance. I’m going to take you deeper than you ever thought was possible. And down here with me, there’s nothing but your overwhelming desire to be my mindless sexual object…who’s sole purpose is to enjoy the sound of my voice as it stiffens your cock and brings you to the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had. With every stroke you go deeper. With every stroke you become more mindless. And with every stroke you become more and more addicted to me. xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: I take you through several stages of hipn0sis, each one deeper and more blissful than the last. You become more and more consumed with ecstasy as I take complete control of your subconscious and plant the seeds of addiction and devotion. You’ll be so completely and wonderfully mindless that you’ll never want me to wake you up. You may use this clip for erotic purposes, relaxation purposes and even to induce sleep.
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Models: Meana Wolf
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