Meana Wolf - Female Fantasy

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Description: You and I are not so different. In fact I can show you how similar we can be. If you listen to the sound of my voice you will see with every single word you and I are becoming more and more alike. This is an erotic transformation in which I slowly modify your body to become that of a beautiful woman. You’ll feel your adams apple melt in your throat as I guide you on this incredible journey. And as your cock disappears in the most erotic way, you’ll feel your glorious pussy begin to form and unfold as it moistens with desire. Once the transformation is complete you begin to explore your female body and it begins to drive you into a frenzy. Your pussy begins to ache…you have to touch yourself. xoxoMeana Wolf Clip Contains: You are slowly transformed into a feminin goddess. Feel your body change inch by inch as I take you further into this erotic trance. Notice your gorgeous little feet and toes in your sexy high heel shoes. As always you wil be restored to your true self…but not until you’ve explored every part of your hot aching wet little pussy.
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