Meana Wolf - Suck You Dry

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Description: I love luring you big strong boys into my lair. It's so easy to pick you up at a night club. A little flirting...a little dancing. I never glamour my victims. Why would I, when it's so much fun to hunt them? Seduce them? It's so fun to tease them. At first they think they're in for the night of their life. Sex with a beautiful and powerful woman. The kind of woman they could never dream of getting in real life. They think they've hit the jackpot. I like to get them revved up. It makes their veins makes their life juice flow so much more freely. Mother always told me it's not polite to play with your food...but I just can't help it. I love to get their cocks hard before I eat them. This one is stronger than most. I love them big. I allow him to escape from my holds only to trap him again. Giving my victims a momentary false sense of hope really ads an extra kick with all those endorphins. I've done it thousands upon thousands of times over the centuries...and it never gets old. Once I have him in my full body scissor hold I sink my teeth deep into his jugular. His life pours so freely into my mouth. He tastes so sweet. I never waste a drop and drink and drink and drink until his heart slows to a grinding halt...and finishing just before it stops for good. I lay in ecstasy as the poor young stud perishes. There's nothing like a good hunt. xoxo Meana Wolf
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Models: Meana Wolf
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