Meana Wolf - Bat Trap

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Description: Don’t look so surprised to see me Batman. After all, who else is clever enough to capture you? I’ve come to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity…Join me so that we may end our futile feud and rule Gotham city together as King and Queen. Join me Batman…and you can have what we both know you’ve always wanted…me. If you refuse this one time offer, I will instead inject you with this potent mind control serum that Ivy developed just for you. You’re mind will melt in a matter of moments and you will become my little puppet to do with as I please. What do you decide? No? hahah Of course…I know you too well Batman, and I’m going to enjoy watching you turn into a mindless little zombie. There…can you feel that? Can you feel your sanity slipping away as you become more and more powerless…helpless…brainless…subdued…submissive. Haha look at you now Bruce. Nobody can save you. haha Oh look, your cock is so hard for me isn’t it? Well go ahead and stroke it Batman, that’s all you’ll be doing from now on. You’ll be signing over all of your assets to me…the mansion…Wayne Enterprises…everything! Stroke for me Batman. Stroke your thick, hard cock. You could have had it all, but your pride and your honor would never permit you to submit to me. Well look at you now! You’re mine, you can’t even cum until I say you can. You must obey me. You no longer have a choice. Cum for me Batman knowing that I won!
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