Meana Wolf - Zap Straps [CBT]

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Description: You're a chronic masturbator. You can't help it. You're always touching yourself. The more you try to stop, the worse it gets. You try to be responsible. You try to set rules for yourself like "only once a day", but you always fail. Well I'm here to help you with your problem. You see there is really only one way to train yourself to stop your constant masturbating. And that is through negative association. I'm going to train you so that every time your dick gets hard... you're going to associate that arousal with pain. Today you're in for a mean CBT instructional video as I show you exactly how I want you to use these three zap straps to torture your very own dick! I use my favorite dong as a visual aid so you know what to do. Just try to stroke yourself through all this plastic hahah I let you cum to a countdown while you attempt to stroke your dick through the intense pinching and tightening of the sharp plastic straps. If you are able to orgasm... your load will be trapped inside your dick and I'll be laughing at you the whole time.
Models: Meana Wolf
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