Meana Wolf – She is Nothing

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Description: Look into my eyes…come on now. There is no harm in looking. Looking isn’t cheating…even though she’d like u 2 think that it was. But she doesn’t understand u…not like I do. She doesn’t understand that men like u have needs. And she’ll never understand that. Relax…look into my eyes. You know that I’m far superior 2 her in every way. Imagine what it would be like 2 slide your cock inside of me…I’m so much more exotic, erotic…intense. She’s nothing. And you can try to resist me…to stay strong…to be a man of principal…but my powers of persuasion r far far stronger than your desire to stay true 2 her. You find yourself slipping away into mindlessness as I consume your every thought. As u go deeper & deeper u become more entranced by my words. You want 2 remain faithful…but u cannot resist me as I tempt u. I make you forget all about…what was her name again?
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Models: Meana Wolf
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