Meana Wolf - Good To The Last Drop

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Description: You must first choose to surrender. You don’t have to fight your urges… your fantasies. It isn’t wrong or shameful to desire the things that you desire. Surrender means not having to fight anymore. I know that nothing gets you more hard than the idea of consuming your own cum. So I am here to facilitate that fantasy. Not only that, but I am here to make you follow through. Listen to the sound of my voice. Breathe deeply. Relax. I am going to send you into a trance like state. And once you are down there, with your mind and body floating in sub space. You will consume your own cum. You will consume every delicious drop of your jizz. Once you are completely under my control I will melt your mind with subliminal images. Stroke with me. Allow your body to fold into the correct position. Watch as I jerk my beautiful cock, follow me…jerk with me. Stroke in your face. When I count down from 3, open your mouth and get ready to receive your delicious load. 3…2…1
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Models: Meana Wolf
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