Xev Bellringer – Frumpy Neighbor Transforms Into Supergirl

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Description: Xev Bellringer plays a frumpy neighbor that has a thing 4 the guy next door. She takes a potion 2 become his dream girl and turns into a supergirl. She visits her neighbor and tells him that she is poisoned and persuades him that she needs to have sex as an antidote. She begins with a blowjob and then sex from the guys pov. Plot: I wasn’t about to let my hunky neighbor turn me down for a date, not while I still had some tricks up my sleeve. If he wouldn’t fuck me. then I’d just have 2 become someone he WOULD fuck! The mystic told me one sip of this potion would turn me into his fantasy woman. I just had no idea he had the hots 4 Supergirl! I feel so strong now. so powerful. I can hear everything, even see through walls! There was no way I’d turn back at this point, but there was a limited amount of time 2 seduce him as Supergirl. I need to stay in character the whole time. & come up with a believable scheme to convince him to fuck the superherione. Luckily, with this perfect body.and his obsession with her, that won’t be difficult at all. I simply can’t leave until I have his dick inside of my pussy.just once!
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