ClubStiletto - Domina Ruby Enraylls - Servitude, That's the Life

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Description: Domina Ruby sits on the couch, catching up on Twitter and checking messages on her phone. She rests her stilettos on her collared and leashed slave’s chest, who remains in chastity at her feet. She remarks that she often has him lie at her feet for hours while she goes about her business, often forgetting he’s even there. To make sure he doesn’t forget she’s in the room, she digs her sharp 8” stiletto into his ribs, causing him to yelp in pain. She mentions that she thinks he has one credit card that isn’t maxed out yet and she might take advantage of it tonight by making some online purchases. The camera catches a sexy view up Ruby’s dress before it pans down to the slave, where you see Ruby sliding her stiletto heel in and out of his mouth. She tells him to imagine it’s a cock and that he has to suck it because she has told him to. “This is as close as my slaves and I get to fucking” she states, eyeing you up because she’s in need of another slave. She removes a shoe and slips the toes of her sweaty foot into the slave’s mouth. She calls him a pig and makes him oink, which amuses her greatly. She rubs the entire sole of her foot over his face and slides her big toe into his mouth. She calls him a good boy and you can see that the slave is eager to please. “This is better than a traditional relationship – one where a woman lies beside you in bed and fucks you – isn’t it, slave?” The slave eagerly agrees that a better relationship would not be possible and he relishes his role as her property. She reminds him that he was not meant for that kind of life. “Servitude – that’s your purpose” she tells him. She pulls off her other shoe and goes through the same routine, telling him that if he does a good job she’ll sit on his face. She rams a few toes deep into his mouth and tells him about some plans she has to make him suffer more for her. She pulls tightly on his collar and pushes her foot deeper into his mouth... just another typical night for Goddess!
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