Subby Hubby - Nicolette Love - Trained By A Domme Part 1: Foot Bitch

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Description: Nicolette Love is tired of her husband lasting such a short time in bed. The sex is just LOUSY and his dick is so small. She’s been secretly fantasizing about what it would be like to have a real stud of a man inside of her. She calls her friend Raquel Roper who is a professional dominatrix. Raquel has always told her that she should be the Goddess in her relationship and have all of the pleasure in the world. When her husband comes home, it’s on. Raquel immediately tells him that things are going to be different around here and that he WILL learn to make his wife happy OR ELSE. They put him in a collar and they decide to have him start worshipping their feet. He has to do a good job sucking their toes and licking every single inch. He needs to learn how to please them.
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