THE MEAN GIRLS - Empress Jennifer - Mean Girl Manor Nitetime Footslave Forever

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Description: This slave is brought out of its cage for only one purpose- to be tied to the bedposts at the end of the main bed at Mean Girl Manor so that it face can be used to worship the Mean Girls that live here or just stay here overnight whenever they are in town to shoot with Us. (It is good to shove your foot into a warm mouth in the middle of the night if you feet are cold and a slave’s mouth doesn’t matter so you can just shove it in and leave it in there all night long if you want to.) It is kept in chastity so that it can NOT enjoy having girls feet shoved into its mouth at night. It is explained its new role. And then it is HUMILIATED further while I get ready for a date! I put lipstick on it and make it lick the bottoms of my shoes clean. And it just has to stay there forever until one of Us decides to untie it- if We ever do.
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