Сlubstiletto - Princess Mia - When I Close My Eyes I Forget You Are Here

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Description: This scene opens with Mia on her phone, checking out hot men online. “Looking at these studs is making me so hot” she says, as she reaches into her panties to touch herself. She remarks on how massive one particular guy’s cock is, and you can tell by the look in her eyes how turned on she is. “My slave is so little compared to him” she says, adding that she loves the feel of a mouth on her toes while she checks out hunks. The camera pans over to give you a view of her humiliated small-dicked slave, kneeling in the corner. She calls him over and he obediently crawls to her feet. “Mistress wants to masturbate, so you know what that means.” The slave takes her big toe into his mouth and she says “Suck my toe like it’s a cock while I look at real big cocks.” She shows the phone to him and asks how that cock makes him feel. “Pathetic” he replies. This pleases Mia so she continues to verbally humiliate him while she fingers herself and scrolls through the photos. She tells the slave he’s lucky to spend this intimate time with her. You get some great angles of Mia’s feet in this video, as she curls and wiggles them at the camera while the slave attends to them with his mouth. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have one of these guys over to fuck me?” she asks the slave. Naturally, he agrees. She orders him to lick the entire surface of each sole, places her phone on the couch, closes her eyes, and really gets into touching her tits and pussy. It finally all ends with a satisfying orgasm, at which point Mia kicks the slave in the face and sends him back to the corner. She rolls over to have a nap, and as a special bonus, you get a great view of her amazing ass.
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