Brat Princess - Alexa, Kayla - Alexa Shares Loyal Foot slave(Part 1)

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Description: 1080 HD Alexa’s cousin, Kayla, has been visiting Alexa at the Brat Princess sorority house. Today, Alexa shows Kayla one of her most loyal foot boys. At 1st, Kayla watches as the servant worships her cousin’s shoes. Then, Alexa sends the servant over to worship Kayla’s. Kayla smiles. It’s funny 2 see a grown man pathetic enough to lick a girl’s shoes clean. After the girls’ shoes are clean, they make the servant worship their feet. Alexa reminds the servant to look at her ass while it worships her feet. It needs to look at what it can’t have. Then, the servant worships Kayla’s feet. Her butt is perfect. The servant has to look at Kayla’s perfect butt while it worships only her feet. Alexa and Kayla cover the servant’s face with both of their feet. Alexa makes the servant lay on the ground and Kayla tramples him. Kayla is not a small girl. The little servant is crushed under her weight. Kayla makes the servant lick her feet while trampling him. This proves to be a difficult task for the physically smaller servant.
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