Mandy Flores - Grey Goose Toes - Foot Worship

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Description: My slave was demanded to bring me a unique bottle of Grey Goose. Grey Goose VX. I have been enjoying while being spoiled by him with a trip to Vegas. Shopping, gambling, sessions and expensive dinners. My feet are dirty and tired from walking around all day so I tell him if he pampers and cleans my feet he’ll get a special treat. Make sure you clean those good enough to eat off of..Once he’s done I tell him to get two glasses for a drink. A smile lights over his face, he would love to have a drink with his Mistress. He pours two glasses and I grab his from him. You get to drink but you will drink from my toes. He humbling gets on his knees and slurps up my toes as they dip in and out of his glass.
Categories: Femdom Foot Licking
Models: Mandy Flores
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