Goddesswhiskey - Hot Sweaty Hard Working Toes - Pantyhose Sniffing

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Description: Misty has arrived home from working hard all day. She broke her heels so she had to wear her old smelly tennis shoes. I bet that looked really silly. I don't know what the deal is with pantyhose but they really absorb sweat from a girls feet and they are really strong. I think whoever invented pantyhose had a smelly foot fetish. I am just used as a tool for her damp hosed feet. She wraps my mouth as well as my eyes in duct tape. My nose is getting a good raunching with each sniff. She loves the feeling of my sniffing between her toes providing her with a cool sensation on her tired hard worked feet. The smell is very vinegar like with hints of corn chips or popcorn. She gets pretty turned on as well and masturbates to a loud moaning orgasm as I suffer under her ultra smelly soles covering my face. [^]
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