Goddesswhiskey - No Relief for Step Brother in Chastity

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Description: So stepsister Claires training of her step brother has been coming along nicely with the use of the chastity device he must often wear.It was always her plan to make him into a sweaty foot worshipper, but could not have just started him out with licking her smelly feet, first she had to train him to submit to her whims whenever she wanted foot attention, and he was locked in the device. As a reward for keeping the house clean he is allowed out of chastity for a while to stroke, but only when worshipping her feet. Today is different, she is back from partying with friends, I think she has had some drinks and is quite feisty. She calls him over to lay on the table with his head near her booted feet. She removes the old boots and produce some really smelly and damp pair of socks. He thinks he is getting out of chastity, Claire tells him he is not going to be let out and she might just keep him locked up longer.Claire wants to feel his breathing between her sweaty socked toes. She binds his arms and tapes his mouth so he can't disturb her enjoyment of making him sniff while she gets all the pleasure and he gets none. The socks will come off, but not until they have been thouroughly smothered all over his face and up his nose. The tape will come off as Claire wants her ripe wet, sticky and smelly feet enthusiastically licked. She reminds him she holds the key to his chastity freedom and he picks up his attention to detailing her feet. Very long sensual sniffing scene, Claire clearly loves this too much
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