Goddesswhiskey - Released from Chastity and Made to Sniff and Stroke

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Description: Back with another video with the cutest brat Claire. As you know Claire has been keeping her stepbrother under control by keeping his cock locked up in a chastity device. Whenever she wants chores done or just wants a foot massage he quickly complies with her wishes/ She is back from another work out, and is happy to see the bathroom is clean as she requested. She calls him over and he kneels in front of her. She gives him his chastity keys so he can release his locked up cock. She tells him to stroke his cock as she rubs her smelly socks around his face. Then she makes him smell her ripe toes and soles while he continues. She tells him that he must ask if he wants to cum, while she swings around this little leather collar thing. He has been trained quite well to associate pleasure while smelling her feet. She lightly kicks his balls around playfully, then resumes back to her cell phone while he strokes..Her feet just a foot away and the fragrance up his nose he asks for permission to cum. Part 2 is above video.
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