Asian Mean Girls - Goddess Lana Violet - YOUR MOUTH IS A FOOT BATH

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Description: Her worthless devotee kneels before Goddess Lana ready to do anything she commands. He seems reluctant, but he also knows that is the closes he will ever get to a Goddess like her. Goddess Lana knows only too well how to pull men's strings to make them succumb to her will. This loser will be forced to lick her sweaty feet clean after she's has just come back from very hard workout. She has him lay his head on the couch and teases him, telling him to follow her feet with his eyes as she slaps him in the mouth with them. When she finally allows this wimp to lick on her toes she has him open his mouth wide as she sticks her toes on his tongue. She expects him to lick the sweat right off her toes. After she has had enough, she tasks him comes his duty of serious cleaning. She has him stick his tongues out so she can rub the ball, arch, and heel of her foot on this loser's mouth. His mouth has now become her foot bath.
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