ClubStiletto - Miss XI - Joy and Agony of Her Human Floor

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Description: Miss Xi has her slave locked away in her trample floor with a towel over his face to keep him in the dark. She walks in in black 6” stiletto’s and asks the slave if he is still alive. She gets up on the floor and says, “Isn’t it fun being a floor?” and then proceeds to step on his chest, she doesn’t really care if he’s having fun. She makes him suck her heel and then presses the heel back into his chest, then back to sucking. The slave really moans as she presses into his flesh. She threatens to leave him locked up there for the next two days. She makes him open his mouth and she spits into it. Some misses so she rubs the sole over the spit and makes him lick that up too. More heel sucking then she grinds her sole into his mouth and over his tongue. She talks about how anyone can have a statement rug but it’s not so easy to have a floor that doubles as a shoe cleaner. “It really gets the girls talking”, she giggles, telling him he will be set out at all future parties. She steps on his chest again and when he curses, she decides to shut him up by sitting on his face. She yanks on his nipples and says “On a cold winter day he even comes in handy as a bum warmer.” As she smothers him with her ass she takes off her stiletto’s showing her sexy feet. She slaps his stomach with her feet, she is always happiest when she is making a man suffer. She extends her legs and while still sitting starts to kick his nuts. You can see that her sadistic needs are really starting to grow and she moves to standing on the floor between his legs and kicking the out of his balls. She kneels down and grinds her knee into his groin as well. She tells the slave he can play with himself but the box only allows him to reach the very tip of his cock. She comments that’s it’s almost a form of chastity as he is forced to suck her toes. She gets down and gives him one last hard kick to the nuts.
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