Goddesswhiskey - After Work Foot Ripe Pantyhosed Foot Massage and Sniffing

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Description: I had just gotten out of the pool after having a few beers . I am just trying to relax when Victoria plops down at the couch. She gives me a hassle about using all the gas in the car, because she was late to work due to the car running out of gas. I try to make up some excuse. I truly forgot to put gas in. She demands a foot massage, and puts her RIPE smelly hosed feet in my lap. I don't feel like massaging, but I start to as she is not going to take no for an answer. I am lazily massaging her foot, and she is not impressed. To give me some motivation she sticks her other ripe foot in my face and forcefully makes me smell it. I just get intoxicated further from her ripe hosed feet, and actually doing an even poorer job massaging
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