BratPrincess - Chloe - First Time Chastity Boy Complains after First Week part 1

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Description: Chloe texts while her chastity boy worships her feet. She giggles while reading texts while he licks between her toes. Chloe bosses the chastity boy around. She is very demanding. The chastity boy is miserable. It is his first week in, and chastity’s been really hard on him. It is not easy to serve a young Princess who is so demanding and bossy. Chloe is a girl that knows what she wants, and it’s the job of the chastity boy to satisfy her wants because that is what a Princess deserves from a loser. The chastity boy is very nerdy and shy, but he musters the courage to ask his Princess for release from chastity. He has spent a long time worshiping her feet for her, and that makes him feel like he deserves some time out of chastity in return. Chloe hears the chastity boy’s request, but she feels that he can spend at least a second week in. The chastity boy complains that he is very horny. Chloe argues that he will be even more horny after the second week, and the release will feel so much better. The chastity boy seems doubtful. He’s beginning to regret what he’s gotten himself into. Chloe explains that having him kept in chastity makes her very happy. Then, Chloe wants to take a good look at the device that is causing her so much happiness and the chastity boy such misery. He does not want to get undressed in front of his Princess. He is ashamed of his skinny, scrawny body. He does as he is told anyway because even though it’s something he doesn’t want to do, it’s what his Princess wants. Chloe giggles while playing with the lock on the chastity device. After the visual inspection, she’s even more convinced he can go for a second week, probably two! The chastity boy does not like to hear that he will have to spend two more weeks in chastity. But Chloe is his Keyholder, and he knows that he must obey his Keyholder. And Chloe doesn’t like all the backtalk. To remind him of his place, Chloe makes the chastity boy go back to worshiping her feet. When she’s done with that, the chastity boy helps Chloe back into her shoes. Chloe makes the chastity boy lick her shoes. This week is the chastity boy’s pay week. Chloe wants to go out on Saturday and she wants for her chastity boy to get her a new outfit. He does not want to get Chloe a new outfit. He’s still in chastity. Chloe has been getting everything she wants and he’s been getting nothing but more time in chastity. Chloe reminds him that she will look really sexy in a new dress. She makes the chastity boy admit that he would love to see her in a sexy outfit. The chastity boy still tries to backtalk and back out of the shopping trip. Chloe yells at him until he apologizes for upsetting her. He is really just not getting it. If he doesn’t get Chloe the outfit she wants on his payday, she is going to keep him in chastity forever. This finally gets through to him. He reluctantly agrees to get his demanding Princess what she wants.
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