Bratty Foot Girls - Amadahy, Alexa - Chastity Foot Slave Training - HD 1080p MP4

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Description: Amadahy has her real life LSave Max at her feet to serve herself and Alexa. He isn't into feet and is locked in chastity but that doesn't mean he gets out of worshiping both Goddesses feet. Amadahy mocks "it" as she makes it suck her heel like a cock. Making it lick the bottom of her dirty heels before it gets the satisfaction of smelling their divine Goddess bare feet. Once the shoes are off it has to suck on their toes and lick their smelly soles clean. Seeing it is locked in chastity and stripped naked, it is made to lay down as the Goddesses foot gag it on the floor before having it return to foot slavery.
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