The Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Goddess Raven - Can Brace Face Worship Feet (1080 HD)

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Description: Princess Bella and Goddess Raven are in the process of evaluating a new slave named “brace face” because he still has braces on his teeth like a little boy. Brace face is an inexperienced slave who can’t seem to take much pain so they want to see if he at least knows how to properly worship feet. Goddess Raven and Princess Bella are dressed in tight short dresses and wearing red bottom Louboutin shoes that they value more than the slaves life. Goddess Raven warns the slave if his braces damage her Louboutin’s he will be buying both her and Princess Bella a new pair. The slave is allowed the privilege of worshipping their feet but he is too clumsy and tentative to please Princess Bella and Goddess Raven. They instruct the slave to show more enthusiasm and to really get into it but instead he just wants to gently kiss the bottom of their shoes and even tries wiping away some of the dirt and grime from the bottom of their shoes with his hand because he is worried about germs! He has a lot to learn if he is ever going to be a useful foot slave. Princess Bella decides to handcuff the slave behind his back so they can train him how to properly worship feet. They make the slave lick the bottom of their shoes with his tongue completely flat against the surface so it scrapes everything off the bottom. Princess Bella is pretty sure she stepped in someshit a while ago and there must be some cat piss on the bottoms of the shoes as well. They make him suck and deepthroat their high heels before moving on to having him worshiping their bare feet. They push their sweaty feet into his face and use his tongue as a foot wipe before shoving their whole foot into his mouth until he is gagging on their feet. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "7"
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