Brat Princess 2 - Alexa, Sasha - Varsity Brats Lick Lollypops Loser Licks Feet (1080 HD)

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Duration: 9:15 Views: 605 Submitted: 6 months ago Submitted by:
Description: 1080 HD: Varsity brats Alexa n Sasha enjoy pink lollypops while an old loser licks their stinky feet. Alexa n Sasha are very demanding of their loser. They want a good foot worshiping after a long day at school. They lick and suck on their candy as the loser licks and sucks their feet. It’s kind of amazing what a hot varsity brat can get an old loser to do. The girls laugh and shake their heads at the old man while humiliating him. Sasha’s sucker has little confetti sprinkles in it, confetti sprinkles are super cute. Girls deserve cute n sweet, losers deserve stinky feet. The loser’s back is all marked up from earlier when the varsity brats beat him. Whip marks are like the loser version of sprinkles. The loser does whatever the pretty girls tell it to because if it doesn’t, it will get another beating. The pathetic old man is very afraid of the young hot girls.
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