THE MEAN GIRLS - Princess Chanel, Princess Kianna - New Girl Reaction To A Foot Slave

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Description: To get this clip for less money click here New Girl Reaction To A Foot Slave (1080 HD)We have a couple of new girls at the Mean Girl Manor and although all the girls here are naturally mean and bossy there is still a lot of fine tuning that needs to be done to make them to a full-fledged PRINCESS. So that is why yours truly (Princess C) is taking charge and directing the girls from off-camera. Two of My best GF’s Princess Chanel and Princess Kianna are learning so much today on how to treat men the right way: LIKE TOTAL TRASH, LOL. We all have a good laugh at this pathetic slave as I make him kiss and lick their feet. In no time the girls feel right at home calling him a LOSER and forcing him to grovel at their feet like a little bitch. He could never get girls like us and he knows it! I threaten him that if he doesn’t shut up and obey, Ill beat him off camera and THAT threat works like a charm!The funniest part is when they shove their feet down his throat as far as they will go… (What a LOSER!!!)Princess C
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