THE MEAN GIRLS - Princess Bella - Humiliated Foot-Wipe

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Duration: 2:46 Views: 1 369 Submitted: 6 months ago Submitted by:
Description: To get this clip for less money click here Humiliated Foot-Wipe (1080 HD)This was just some “extra” footage of me rewarding a slave after we used it for some of our clips. I decided to let it grovel at my feet and lick the foot-sweat off the bottoms of my feet. Isn’t that nice of me?? After it took a nice beating for us, I felt like it should be rewarded…and what better reward is there for a SLAVE than the sweat from the feet of a beautiful princess like me?? I think it is sooo fucking pathetic though that losers will literally work for me- just to lick the sweat off of my FEET. Haha. This is a short clip cuz like I said, it was just like some “bonus” footage that we didn’t plan on even filming. But what the hell, I figured you should see some “behind the scenes” of what its like to be a GOOD slave for us at Mean Girl Manor…
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