Brat Princess - Crystal - Aren’t You Glad I am a Freshmen this Year

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Description: This was the very first clip Crystal filmed and is previously unreleased! Princess Crystal makes a slave lick the bottoms of her pink flop-flops. The flip-flops are really dirty. Crystal makes the boy wear a pink collar and leash while he Worships. It is very emasculating for him. Crystal pulls the pink leash tight. She makes it Worship her feet, next. He is so humiliated. Crystal is pleased to be a freshman this year. As a freshman, she gets to kick the slaves balls until it cries. She taunts the slave asking, Arent you glad Im a freshman this year? She places both feet on the boys face and makes it lick. Crystal threatens him with even harder kicks if he doesnt Worship her feet right. He better act like he loves freshman feet!
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