Alexa - Rewards Fin Slave with Foot

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Description: Description: Alexa is very pleased that her fin slave has finally met her request of 60% of his paycheck. The slave is happy that hes impressed his Princess, but doesnt think he can make tributing 60% of his paycheck a habit. Hes had to make a lot of personal sacrifices just to do it once. In fact, hell probably only be able to tribute 30% the following week. Alexa laughs. No way is he ever getting away with a weekly tribute that small! Alexa, indifferent to his struggle, suggests the slave find another source of employment. Shes pretty confident hell find a solution, assuming he ever wants to get out of chastity. Alexa offers her feet to the slave for . ing his Princess feet is the slaves reward for successfully giving Her 60%. The slave licks his Princess arches and sucks on both of her big toes. Alexa reveals to the slave that she spent the extra money hes given her on new mats for her boyfriends truck. The slave protests. How could She spend his hard earned money on her boyfriend?! He doesnt even spoil her! Alexa takes a moment to educate the slave. He needs to understand. His money is really Her money, and she can do with it whatever she pleases.
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