Jayden Cole - Don’t tell anyone that I am a stripper

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Description: Jayden wants to talk about the other night. She needs money and could never have guessed that you, her stepbrother, would come into the strip club where she was picking up a few shifts. What does she have to do to keep your silence? She will give you a VIP show right now if you agree. Please? This will be way better than what she could give you at the club. She sees your growing bulge and she knows you are in. You do have a hot stepsister. Her red hair and perfect titties are the stuff you jerk off to at night. Jayden loves watching you handle yourself so strongly. You love it when she presents her ass nice and high for you. Each stroke brings your orgasm just a little closer, but you will not cum just yet. Finally she removes her very short denim shorts, though she leaves on her shoes. You admire her fat pussy lips when she spreads her long legs. You are almost ready to cum and you work out the biggest load you ever have – just for your sexy stepsister.
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