Wankitnow - Skyler McKay “Blame Our Parents:Pt1”

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Description: Your slutty stepsister is mad that your parents are making you share her bedroom while yours gets decorated...she sulks off to the gym...when she gets back she walks in on you masturbating in her bed! Being at the gym must have put her in a better mood because she finds it so amusing that she grabs your stiff DICK and starts playing with it! The dirty Scottish cumslut talks dirty to you while stripping naked...she takes her off her panties and stuffs them into her sloppy FUCKHOLE...she spreads her CUNT-LIPS wide so you can see her knickers nestled within...she finishes by FRIGGING her PUSSY until you both CUM together, then gives you the panties out of her clunge and tells you to clean up your SPUNK with them...things might be interesting while you're sharing you stepsister's bedroom!
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