Jordana Leigh – Skype Session With Mommy

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Description: Your my son, & you are away at college, and can’t get home 4 the holidays this year, because of the bad weather. So, I decide 2 have along Skype conversation with you, to make u feel better. After talking a little and seeing that u r down, I want to do something to make you feel better, so i SHOW YOU MOMMY’S BREASTS, since i know you like them so much, and strip down to GRANNY PANTIES. When I see that that cheers you up a little, i decide I want 2 do something even more extra special 4 my little boy, 2 really brighten your day. So, I go into my bedroom, and fix myself up to look young and SEXY, JUST FOR YOU. When I come out, I’m wearing BLACK LINGERIE, full makeup and my hair is down. I see that you are getting hard, so i continue 2 encourage you to STROKE YOUR COCK, while I undress further, and play with myself as well. Maybe the holidays aren’t so bad…even from a million miles away…
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