Lady Fyre - Better Than Sleepaway Camp

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Description: I know you are still mad at me for not letting you go to camp like the other boys your age, but I just don’t think you are ready to be away from your mother for 7 whole days. Maybe if you’re a really good boy I can find a weekend camp for you at the end of the summer. Wouldn’t u rather spend time with mom anyway? Building this blanket fort was fun, and there’s lots of fun stuff we can do at home together this week. I know the other boys have been teasing u about how close you are to your mother, but it doesn’t matter what they say. It is perfectly normal 2 be this close to your mother, but with as much time as we spend together, it’s also normal that you’ve started noticing things about me, like my breasts. You’re growing up & it’s natural for you to start looking. Your body is changing and your hormones r changing. Now that we are talking about it, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, does it? What else have you noticed? You can tell mother. You are right, my butt is nice. Take a good look at it. So pretty in lace panties. If we talk about it there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s when you keep it a secret it becomes shameful. For example, I caught you looking at me in the bathroom the other day, and when I turned around you ran away. Did you feel shamed? But it’s normal to see your mother naked. We’re going to clear up this nonsense right now. I am going to show you what I look like naked & you’re going to stare at me. Don’t turn away & turn this into something shameful. I can see your cheeks burning, and I think you are ashamed of what’s in your pants. So let’s bring it to the light. Show mommy. I am going to touch it. Stop this nonsense! You need to get over it. Just relax & let mom do this. You like the way it feels, don’t you when my hand is around your cock? Our relationship is so important 2 me, and I can’t have this awkwardness between us. So let’s do this & enjoy ourselves. Consider this the start to a great week we’re going 2 have together.
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