Goddess Amanda - Shots on the House

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Description: You have been so devoted to me lately that I have quite the surprise for you. Youre going to need a shot glass and a plate. I want you to strip down and kneel down. Place the plate in front of you and the shot glass in the middle of the plate. I want you to start gently stroking your cock, gradually getting harder and faster as you become turned on. When your dick is convulsing on the verge of cumming, I want you to stop completely. When your cock has stopped throbbing, you can begin touching it again, while worshiping me. I want you to edge this way 3 times, each time building up more and more pleasure. When I finally allow you to cum, you will cum into the shot glass without touching it. If you fill the glass you drink. If you miss it then you will have to lick up every and every last spilled drop, as well as eating any that made it into the shot glass. If you dont clean up your mess then, I will punish you.
Models: Goddess Amanda
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