Bratprincess presents Brianna Beach in Incredible Forced Ruin

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Description: Brianna has a slave secured into the steel stockade at The Edging Salon. She loves teasing slaves when they are in this helpless predicament. Brianna removes the slave’s chastity device. The slave abundantly, pathetically, leaks pre-cum once the device has been removed. Brianna laughs and tells the slave that she will not have any mercy on him. She slaps and squeezes the slave’s balls. The slave cannot control his erection, and he is still leaking ample pre-cum. Brianna makes the slave swallow his pre-cum from her finger. Then, she edges him. Once the slave reaches an edge, she slaps the slave’s cock to keep it from going over. The slave begs the Goddess to be allowed to cum. Brianna smiles and decides to keep him at an edge. She’d like to hear more begging. Again, Brianna slaps the slave to keep him from going over. She knows that she can edge a slave like this indefinitely. The slave can’t take much more. He very pathetically begs to be allowed to cum. Brianna laughs and allows the slave to spill onto the floor for her. The forced ruin is incredible. It is shown from two camera angles, one wider, one tighter. Once the slave has spilt, Brianna makes it lick its mess from her fingers. Then, she forcefully grabs its cock and slaps very hard. She needs it to lose its erection, and quick, so that she can get the chastity device right back on.
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