Ceara Lynch - Cum Choke Facial

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Description: You’re so easy to get hard. All you have to do is look at me, and your cock is already starting to drip precum. You wait anxiously for me to give you the command to stroke for me. Nothing makes you happier than getting yourself off for me. I coach you to stroke your cock the right way to bring you to an explosive orgasm. Soon I’ll have you at the very edge of cumming, shooting your sticky seed all over the room. I’m not just going to let you make a disgusting mess of jizz everywhere, there’s no reward for me having to clean up your filth. So what should we do with all that spunk ready to erupt? You’ll have to cum directly in your mouth. I know it sounds hard, but if you are a truly devoted jerk slave, you’ll get that cock in your mouth and pump your cum straight down your own throat.
Models: Ceara Lynch
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