Danielle Maye - Cum Eating Virgin's First Time

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Description: Dani is going to guide you through your first CEI! she is not here to humiliate you but to encourage and help you enjoy your very first taste of your own cum. She talks to you in her posh english accent nice and gently - no shouting or military orders here. She asks you to to get nice and hard then to wank. Guiding you through, she tells you how to jerk and when to slow down and stroke. As you start to tingle and get close she gives you a cum countdown and encourages you to wank with one hand and cum in the palm of your other. Take a moment to look at your palm full of creamy cum, you want to remember this moment for ever.. your first taste of your own spunk. Starting with a small little lick, she gently guides you though licking the palm of your hand clean. Well done, wasn't so bad was it ;-)
Models: Danielle Maye
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