Princess Raevyn Rose - Eat Your Load All Alone For A Virtual Brat Who Isn't Even Really There

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Description: This is what you do at the end of every day, you come to watch me, to watch my videos. It’s what you fucking live for. I don’t know how you’d get through your work day if you didn’t have me on your mind. And in essence, when you’re at work, you’re working for me. You’re making money just so you can spend time with me. Well not really with me, you’re just behind your computer screen fantasizing. You’re so lucky that you get to come home each day and jerk yourself to my young sexy body and my bratty attitude. And today you’re going to get a nice reward at the end of your long day, I’m going to allow you to eat your own cum for me. You’re going to taste your pleasure. You get to please yourself to me in the privacy of your own home and then eat your cum. And I’m not even going to be there or watch you, I’m just going to order you to do it. And I’m going to tell you how to eat it, exactly as I want you to. And you’ll do it, even though you know that this is only a video and I’m not even really there, lol. And I know you do this all the time. You love having someone to tell you to eat it, lick it up and savor it. I think it’s disgusting! But for now, just jerk to my hot body. Feel your cock throbbing in your hand as you edge for me. This is your end of the day reward, you get to jerk and eat your cum. I’ll bet you were thinking about this all day at work. Jerk it knowing I’m never going to watch you cum, that no one but you will ever taste your cum. I know some of you don’t even enjoy this, but you love humiliating yourself in private so much that you can’t stop yourself. You’re going to cum in your hand and lick it up because that’s all that you have to look forward to in your pathetic life. And you do it for yourself, nobody else. Jerk it and think about that warm gooey load you’re about to eat. Disgusting. Look at yourself jerking all alone about to eat your own jizz. You’re fucking filthy. I know you can’t wait to lick it all up out of the palm of your hand. I know you’re close loser. On my command I want you to blow that load, milk it all out. And then lick it all up, all alone like the loser that you are. I’ll bet you feel so stupid and pathetic.
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