Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Eat It for School Girl

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Description: This cute little school girl has finally confronted you about peeking into her bedroom window like a creepy peeping Tom. She has known about it for a while and just been teasing you. She thought about calling the cops, but she actually enjoys watching guys shoot their cum. So she makes a deal with you and even agrees to help. "If you Jerk Off for me and cum in your hand (and eat it) then I wont call the cops" she says. It will be humiliating, but to see her undress and jerk off to her tight body in broad daylight is the fantasy of a life time. Not to mention you don't want to go to jail. You can suffer the humiliation of eating your own cum while she berates you and watches. You can do this. Stroke it to School Girl Ashley!
Models: Bratty Ashley
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