Princess Ashleigh - Eat Cum or Get Gangfucked

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Description: This is a terrifying forced-bi predicament for any wimp to find himself in. I know you said you would NEVER eat another man's cum but when you say 'NEVER' I just see it as a challenge. It gives me such a kick to know I have so much power over you to make you do things you would never want do - especially something SO disgusting as slurping up another man's cumload! So I have a bowl of thick, slimy cum and all I want you to do is just taste it. Just open your mouth I'll feed you one spoonful of cum. If you do this one thing for me maybe I'll give you something in return. Maybe! You're so weak and completely addicted to me - we both know you're going to do what I tell you to do so why not get it over with and give in to my pressure. That's it open up and swallow this spoonful of strangers cum. Haha! Do you really think I'm going to be happy with just one mouthful? Well, my new cum guzzling addict, I'm going to give you a choice. You can either eat this entire bowl of disgusting cumlumloads, one thick spoonful after another - savouring every drop. Or I can call in the some friends I have outside to help. I have three huge black guys with the biggest cocks you've ever seen the other side of the door - one click of my fingers and they'll be through the door to gang-fuck you into submission. Is that really how you want your first cum experience? A huge black cock forcing it's way into your mouth and spewing it's alpha-load of black man cum all down your throat while the other two guys fuck your ass? It's your decision to make loser. Open wide and swallow this cum or I'll watch my gang fucking destroy you.
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