Madison Marz - JOI & Licking Your Cum Off Of My Body

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Description: You know how much I love watching you savor and eat your delicious cum for me. Today you are going to stroke your cock exactly how I tell you to as I seduce you and show off my perfect body. I reveal that I have spent numerous days fantasizing about having you shoot your hot load all over my body and licking each drop up with your tongue. Just the thought of it immediately turns me on and I can't resist sticking my hand down my panties. You get watch me get off as I tell you to stroke that cock faster and faster for me. You edge yourself more and more until you are so close to cumming. I inform you that you are not allowed to blow your warm load on my body until I tell you to. As I am about to reach climax, I begin counting down from 10 until I hit zero which is when you are allowed to blow your hot load all over me. Once you shoot your load all over me, I command you to immediately start cleaning it off with your tongue. I tell you to go slow and savor your delicious cum and enjoy feeling the sticky texture in your mouth.
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