Natashas Bedroom - First Taste CEI

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Description: You'll stroke and edge for me as I tell you all about something special I want you to try: eating a load of your own cream. I'm so excited about seeing you try it that I just can't keep my clothes on. I slowly strip out of my cute top and tiny pajama shorts as I tell you all about how it'll taste, how it'll feel and smell, as the anticipation of that yummy mouthful builds for both of us. Those little tastes of precum that I have you scoop into your mouth as we edge will just make you hungrier, more desperate for the real meal. My edging instructions and teasing will drive you crazy long before you finally get to enjoy that tasty meal, but you'll have to hold out for me. I want to make absolutely certain that you're too turned-on to even consider backing out. And I'm going to succeed: once I finish my cum countdown, even the most obstinate cumeater will be slowly savoring a fresh load along with my extensive instructions.