Goddess Charlotte Stokely - Beta Male Hand To Mouth

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Description: Are you getting close? Is that slutty hand-pussy gonna make you squirt? Get close, but hold it at the brink for me, just for a bit. You’re planning on trashing or flushing your cum, just like always, aren’t you? Don’t you think your cum deserves better? You won’t be filling women with cum anytime soon or ever really, but why not fill someone else. Like yourself? If no woman is ever going to accept your cum, why shouldn’t you? Hear me out. By trashing your cum you’re saying it is broken and worthless! By swallowing it you’re affirming that your cum is special and good. I’m being totally honest when I say I think you’re gonna really enjoy swallowing your cum from now on and I bet it’ll pick up that self-esteem of yours.
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