Princess Lacey - You Wouldn't Be Watching This Clip If You Didn't Want To Eat It

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Description: How bad do you want to stroke right now? Now tell me how badly do you want to eat your cum for me? Well you might be a bit hesitant but by the end of this clip, you’re going to blow that load right into your mouth because you wouldn’t be watching this clip if you didn’t want to eat it. I know you want to. So start jerking your fucking dick.Jerk it as I tease you with my hot sexy body. Jerk it knowing that by the end of this clip I’m going to have you on your back, with your legs up in the air, your dick pointed straight at your face, with your mouth wide fucking open. Eager, ready and anxious to take that load right in your mouth so you can gobble it all up. Don’t pretend like it’s not been on your mind. I’m sure you’ve probably done it before, you just love eating your own cum. And when you have a hot Goddess telling you to do so, it makes it so much better.And if this is your first time, do not hesitate. You will blow that load into your mouth. And you will fucking love it. Jerk that dick knowing that when you fucking cum, you’re going to cum in your mouth for me bitch. But I don’t want you to cum just yet, I want to make sure you build up a huge load.Now I want you to lay down on your back and jerk your cock with your legs spread wide open. I want it to be easy for you to flip your legs in the air with your dick as close to your face as possible, so that when you blow that load, it can go directly into your fucking mouth and you can eat up every drop, just like I want you to.I want you to get ready to cum right into your mouth and eat up every last drop. Because I said so, because you want it. Because you’re nothing but a cum eating jerk off junkie, watching femdom porn just like you do every other day. You’ll do it every day for the rest of your sad pathetic fucking life. Are you ready? Blow that load right into your fucking mouth bitch. Make sure you lick up every fucking drop loser. I want it all in your mouth right where it fucking belongs. You are nothing but a cum eating jerk junkie.
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