Natashas Bedroom - Foolproof CEI

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Description: Are you ready to play a dangerous CEI game? Lie down on your back. Assume the position. Tongue out, hips arched up, cock pointed right at your face. This is a foolproof CEI session. There's no opportunity to back out, no chance for hesitation, no space for second thoughts. You will end up with cum drenching your face and tongue. You will eat your load by the end. I promise. Why am I so confident? Because I know just how to make you lose control. You'll be jerking along with the beat of my metronome - slow, and then fast and hard, slow again, and then really pumping that cock. The approaching orgasm is harder and harder to resist, especially when I'm stripping so teasingly out of my clothes. And especially when I pull off my panties. The loss of control is inevitable. And when you do cum, where will it land? Right into your cum hungry mouth. You won't even have to try; I'll do all the work. If you explode before the end, you'll have to keep going. Premature ejaculators might end up with more than one mouthful of that heavy cream. Even if you've never gone through with it before, you will today. There's no escape from that hot, jizzy, sticky load sliding down your throat.