Goddess Madam Violet - The Taste of SelfAcceptance

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Description: You are working with Dr Violet to improve your self esteem, you really want to learn how to accept yourself fully - finally.Telling you that she has a fail safe therapeutic strategy which will profoundly change you, you TRUST her implicitly so she takes you down into trance. With consummate professionalism she uses progressive relaxation, pendulum induction and eye closure techniques to ensure youre safely under her SPELL and ready to obey her every command. Without thought. As always her demeanour changes as you go under; the PREDATOR emerges the moment Her prey is helpless before Her. Subverting the very essence of therapeutic integrity, abusing her position of trust, mind-fucking the vulnerable, all the GOOD things! You are ordered to take out your cock and begin stroking, She slowly reveals what you need to do in order to ACCEPT yourself. You WILL accept yourself, right in your FACE : )Yes thats right slave, youre going to bring yourself to orgasm, SLOWLY, youre going to lie back, and youre going to take aim and youre going to FIRE!Imagine if you could shoot a load of hot cum into MY face. You would accept and embrace your CUM fully in that situation, your hot sticky cum all over ME. Yum! But how can you expect anyone else to accept you - if you dont accept yourself? You cant. PERFECT reasoning. Deeply under My spell you are compelled to agree with Me -YES, it WILL taste incredible, YES it will FEEL incredible, YES it WILL turn you on SO much to cum in your face for Me. you want to do it, you MUST do it. My arguments are logical and incredibly persuasive, not that you need persuading, you are My mindless, obedient hipno-slut, you do WHATEVER I say, dont you pet? So well trained. Yes, don't think, just stroke, you will be thanking Me in the end. Just listen to My voice, pump that cock, LOOK into My EYES and LET GO..
Models: Madam Violet
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